Intravenous Sedation Dentistry: An option for nervous dental patients?

Is Intravenous Sedation Dentistry a good option for people who are very nervous about dentistry?


Many Canberrans are very nervous about attending dental appointments, for a vast array of reasons. Unfortunately, many postpone much needed dental treatment indefinitely because of their anxiety. This is where having treatment done under Intravenous Sedation can be of great benefit for the anxious dental patient.

When intravenous sedation has been administered, the patient relaxes and becomes much less concerned about what’s happening around them. They also experience the added benefit of not being able to remember the appointment afterwards. This is not because they have been asleep or become unconscious during the appointment: the patient remains conscious at all times, but the sedative drugs used have an ‘amnesic’ effect, where recall of the details of the appointment is difficult.

We find it very satisfying when a patient has intravenous sedation on one or two occasions, and then starts to feel safer and less anxious in the dental environment. Sometimes people who have previously experienced very high levels of dental fear become quite able to receive routine dental care in the dental chair, without any more Intravenous Sedation appointments.

It’s our aim at Corinna Dental to provide a safe and comfortable environment for nervous patients to receive their dental care, so that they can ultimately enjoy much better dental health. Once they have achieved a good level of dental health, we enjoy working with them to maintain this for the long term.

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