Dental Resolution No. 3: Fewer Acidic Beverages

Dental Resolution No. 3: Fewer Acidic Beverages

Dental Resolutions: Drink Fewer Acidic Beverages

Fizzy drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, even fruit juices—these beverages not only contain high amounts of sugar but also acid that can cause tooth erosion.

Tooth erosion causes irreversible damage to tooth enamel: that is why it is important to prevent it from happening. As the new year begins, why not resolve to reduce your consumption of Acidic Drinks.

So what types of beverages are acidic? Aside from fizzy drinks and sports and energy drinks, also on the list are alcoholic beverages, iced tea and even diet soft drinks.

It can be difficult to give these drinks up completely, so here are a few tips for reducing the impact they have on your enamel:

  • Use a straw- this reduces the contact of the acid with your tooth enamel
  • Don’t swish these types of drink around your mouth- this extends the amount of time the acid remains in contact with your teeth
    • Don’t brush your teeth immediately after consuming acidic drinks. Acid softens tooth enamel so brushing immediately can cause more tooth enamel to be lost.
    • Instead of brushing, rinse your mouth with water after consuming acidic drinks