How Soft Drinks Are Killing Your Teeth [infographic]

How Soft Drinks Are Killing Your Teeth [infographic]

Are you aware of the impact your favourite beverage potentially has on your oral health?

We’ve highlighted in the past that many popular drinks have high sugar content and that plaque bacteria on the teeth consume this sugar and excrete acids which dissolve tooth enamel, eventually forming cavities.

Sugar is not the only potentially damaging ingredient in popular beverages. The acidity of the beverage is also important. Many soft drinks, energy drinks and even fruit juices are very acidic. If this type of beverage is consumed frequently over a long period of time, tooth enamel can gradually erode away, resulting in irreversible damage to teeth.

This infographic shows how much sugar—and acid—is present in the leading beverages in the market. Check to see if your favourite soft drink is on the list.