Healthy Weight Week: Advice From The Dieticians Association Of Australia

Healthy Weight Week: Great Advice From The Dieticians’ Association Of Australia

Healthy Weight Week Australia 2014

From the 17th until the 23rd of the month the country is observing Healthy Weight Week. Weight gain is one of the risk factors in developing cardiovascular diseases so it is important to watch your weight—and it all starts with the food we eat and drink.

Foods and drinks that are high in carbohydrates and calories not only contribute to weight gain but tend to be tooth unfriendly as well. Sweets, energy drinks, soft drinks and fruit juices have high sugar content and/or have a high acidity level.

Which drinks are the ones that nutritious and tooth-friendly? Here’s a great article by the Dieticians Association of Australia on the topic.

Need some great ideas for eating more vegetables? Here’s a collection of recipes that provides a lot of inspiration.

People who regularly eat breakfast are more likely to be of normal weight compared to non-breakfast eaters. Here are some delicious and nutrition breakfast recipes to try.