Healthy Canberra: What's On In September 2016

Healthy Canberra: What’s On In September 2016

The State Capital is brimming with activities as we usher in Spring. Below are some of the health-related events happening in Canberra and around. As always, we encourage you to take part and spread the word in whichever way you can.


1-30 September: Dementia Awareness Month

Organised by Alzheimer’s Australia, Dementia Awareness month is an annual observance, which encourages Australians “to become dementia-aware, have a better understanding of what it is like for a person to live with dementia, and ultimately be encouraged to create communities where people with dementia are supported to live a high quality of life with meaning, purpose and value”.

Visit their website to know more about the activities lined up for the month.

1-30 September: Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Blue September

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australia and the third most common cause of cancer death (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare & Australasian Association of Cancer Registries 2012).

Every September, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia holds a fundraising and awareness campaign to encourage Australians to help in the fight against prostate cancer. Go ahead and visit their website to know how you can get involved. It also contains a wealth of resources not only for men but for family members and carers as well.

Australian Cancer Research Foundation also holds a campaign, Blue September, where Aussies are encouraged to ‘Get Blue’ for a full month to raise awareness for cancers affecting men. Visit their website to learn how you can help.

1-30 September: Social September

Here’s a campaign that encourages us to disconnect from technology in order to create spaces for face-to-face social connection and promote positive mental health and well-being.

Are you up for a challenge? Visit their website to know more.

1-30 September: Starlight Movie Month

Organised by Starlight Children’s Foundation, this month-long event aims to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families by encouraging Australians to host a fundraising movie party for colleagues, friends, and neighbours.

There are more than one way to take part in this event. Visit their website to find out how.

12-18 September: National Stroke Week

Organised by the Stroke Foundation, this year’s National Stroke Week campaign focuses on the impact time has on a stroke and to make Australians aware that a speedy reaction not only influences the treatment path for a person having a stroke but also their recovery.

Visit Stroke Foundation’s website or Facebook page to learn more.

23 September: Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Pink Hope, a preventative health organisation, holds this annual campaign. Bright Lipstick Day aims to empower Australians to have a conversation regarding their family health history and host a fundraiser. But you can help raise awareness simply by wearing that bright pink lipstick!

Visit their website to know more.