Good Oral Health- Your Diet

Good Oral Health- Your Diet

Contrary to what most people think, lollies and other sweet treats are not the only foods that can cause tooth decay. Any food that contains sugar or carbohydrates may be used by the bacteria in the mouth to create acid, which then attacks the teeth to cause decay. These foods include potato chips, biscuits, crackers, peanut butter, muesli bars and popcorn.

If you often drink fruit juices, fizzy drinks and diet drinks you run further risk of tooth decay.

Since these foods can often not be completely avoided, the Australian Dental Association recommends that the we learn the basics of tooth-friendly eating and offers tips to minimise the risk of developing diet-related dental problems. These tips include using a straw when drinking fizzy drinks, snacking on cheese, and chewing sugar-free gum.

There is plenty to read on the ADA’s Dental Health Week website: