The Germiest Items in the House

The Germiest Items in the House

Germiest items in the house

Yesterday we asked you what you thought would be the top household items that consist of the most germs. If items found in the bathroom like a toothbrush holder or the bathroom door knob are at the top of your list, you’re wrong!

But, don’t despair, you weren’t the only one who got it wrong.

NSF International, an independent public health and safety organisation, analysed 30 everyday household items to find out which contained the most germs. Many household members thought the bathroom items would be the dirtiest. However, based on the swab test by the NSF, of the 30 household items listed, the kitchen is where the dirtiest item is found.

The germiest item in the household is the very thing that is, ironically, used to clean dishes and kitchen counter tops— the dish sponge.

However if you answered toothbrush holder, you were close to being correct. The toothbrush holder comes in third place as being the germiest household item. The second was the kitchen sink.

NSF explains: “The high bacteria levels on and in the toothbrush holder are likely attributed to two causes. First, toothbrush holders are typically situated near the toilet, especially in smaller bathrooms. Flushing of the toilet causes aerosols, containing faecal bacteria, to land on items near the toilet, thereby potentially contaminating the holder.”

“Additionally, toothbrush holders often are neglected in the cleaning process, providing an ideal breeding ground for germs. Toothbrush holders should be regularly cleaned in the dishwasher.”

Below are the top 10 household items that bore the highest germ counts:

  • Dish sponge/rag
  • Kitchen sink
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Pet toy
  • Coffee maker reservoir
  • Bathroom faucet handle
  • Pet toy
  • Kitchen counter top
  • Stove knobs
  • Cutting board

Read more about this study here plus some tips on how to keep your household items and surfaces clean.