Genetic Techniques May Predict And Prevent Oral Diseases in the Future

Genetic Techniques May Predict And Prevent Oral Diseases in the Future

Diagnostic medicine is constantly improving, and Australian Dentistry has definitely benefitted from these advances. We have low dose digital imaging, high quality intra-oral cameras, and access to many diagnostic tests that allow dentists to more accurately diagnose the presence and causes of dental disease in their patients.

Dental diseases are often caused by a combination of many factors, and some of these are still either not well-understood or difficult to measure. An individual’s predisposition to dental and oral diseases certainly fits into this category. Dentists can’t generally predict whether a person is more likely to develop chronic oral diseases like Periodontitis (gum disease) or oral cancers.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide School of Dentistry have recently discovered that genetics could be playing a major role in the development and progression of oral diseases. Through being aware of an individual’s genetics, lifestyle and other environmental factors, dentists in the future may be able to predict and prevent dental and oral diseases from developing, and may be able to personalise treatments for individual patients to more effectively treat disease.

“What is exciting is the possibility of screening for many of these potential oral health problems from an early age so that we can prevent them or reduce their impact,” says Associate Professor Toby Hughes, co-author of the study.

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