Using Gangnam Style To Brush Teeth Effectively

Gangnam Style to Brush Teeth Effectively

There have been several toothbrushes invented to make the task of brushing teeth an effective and enjoyable one. There’s one toothbrush that uses an app to keep track of your brushing; and then there’s others that play music while you brush.

Recently, a musician and dental professional recognised a musical formula which establishes the pattern of beats needed to correctly clean teeth. The song should have 8 bars of music followed by another 2 sets of 4 bars.

One tune that fits this formula perfectly is the YouTube hit “Gangnam Style”.

Other songs that are perfect to brush along to are Rihanna’s “Diamond” and Cheryl Cole’s “Call My Name”.

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So next time you brush your teeth, hum these tunes in your head and brush along to the beat to make your brushing session more effective.