Dental Health Week 2014: Fluoride

Dental Health Week 2014: Fluoride

Our water here in Canberra is fortified with fluoride—a mineral that strengthens teeth against tooth decay. Drinking fluoridated water is one of the basic and most effective means of reducing dental caries in all age groups.

If you are not drinking town water and don’t have fluoride in your drinking water, the Australian Dental Association suggests asking your dentist for other fluoride options to strengthen the teeth of your child.

When using toothpaste, make sure that the amount you put on your child’s toothbrush is age-appropriate. The standard rule is applying a pea-sized amount to the toothbrush. Remember that if too much fluoride is ingested by young kids it can cause dental fluorosis—this is characterised by the presence of white spots on tooth enamel. Low-fluoride toothpaste should also be used for children aged 6 and below.

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