Perhaps Mouthguards Just Aren’t That Cool?

Perhaps Mouthguards Just Aren’t That Cool?

We’ve highlighted recently how wearing a mouthguard can spare athletes from costly and painful damage to their mouth, teeth and jaws that can occur whilst playing contact sports.

Every year, the Australian Dental Association and Dentists throughout Australia (including the Corinna Dental Team in Woden, Canberra and now Deakin) promote the importance of wearing mouthguards for training and games in any sport where there is risk of being injured.

But despite these efforts, athletes rarely use one.

Encouraging athletes to wear a mouthguard

According to the Australian Dental Association, only 36% of children aged 5-17 wear a mouthguard during games. The number for those who wear one during training is more dismal— only 19%!

Do we not have a strong enough tradition of mouthguard wear in sports other than football, hockey and boxing

Australian research has shown that, even when basketballers agreed that there were clear benefits of wearing a mouthguard, there was not an increase in the number of players who actually followed through.

Use of mouthguards by basketball players in Victoria, Australia

Perhaps mouthguards just aren’t that cool?

In sports for which the wearing of a mouthguard is a requirement, like rugby, there is no surprise that athletes actually wear one! And we doubt that any of us would suggest to an athlete that their mouthguard makes them look anything less than cool, athletic, strong and responsible…

Should the rules of more sports be changed in order to ensure the mouths of athletes of all ages are properly protected? Or is this something that can change without the need for regulations, as families go against the trend and equip their kids with mouthguards for sports like basketball, soccer and baseball?

The dentists of the Corinna Dental Group support the Australian Dental Association recommendation that mouthguards be worn by athletes of any age who participate in any sport where they are at risk of sustaining a blow to the face.

If you have any questions about mouthguards in sports, please ask one of our team members- we’re here to help.