What happens during an IV Sedation Dentistry Appointment?

What happens during an IV Sedation Dentistry Appointment?

Your first appointment will be a consultation appointment. It’s an opportunity for you to come in, to meet Dr Chris Hardwicke and the Corinna Dental staff, to familiarise yourself with the environment. We’ll assess your clinical needs and talk you through the whole process so that you’ll have a clear understanding as to what’s going to happen at your treatment appointment.

When you come in on the actual day of the procedure, you will have fasted for four hours, and we’ll ask you to attend wearing loose and comfortable clothes. We’ll set up some monitors to make sure that you remain healthy during the procedure. You’ll be given some happy gas, which will help you to relax, and then we will introduce a cannula into your arm or hand, into a vein. Through this we’ll give you a combination of sedative drugs. This is the point at which you’ll start to drift off and will probably feel very relaxed about life.

At Corinna Dental Group we always use local anaesthetic around the teeth so that there is no discomfort. We need to use this because the drugs that cause sedation don’t knock off the pain receptors around the teeth.

After the procedure is finished there is a period of recovery, usually around 60 minutes or so, during which you will just rest. We need to be certain that you are feeling well before you leave our rooms. You’ll leave in the company of an adult that’s been organised beforehand to come in and pick you up and to make sure that you get home safely.

Listen to Dr Chris Hardwicke as he explains more about Intravenous Sedation at Corinna Dental or call our practice (any of our three locations) to arrange a consultation appointment.