Does Your Child Remember To Wear Their Mouthguard?

Does Your Child Remember To Wear Their Mouthguard?

You might have noticed in the past few weeks that we’ve mentioned the wearing of mouthguards a few times. That’s because it’s Mouthguard Awareness Month, and many teams are recruiting and training in preparation for winter sports.

We’ve explained the difference between custom-made mouthguards  and over-the-counter types:

Don't forget to wear a mouthguard

We’ve also shared a list of the sports for which one should wear a mouthguard (some you won’t expect to be on the list!):

It’s important to remember that simply having a mouthguard is not enough: it needs to be worn. And not only during the game BUT during training as well!

According to the Australian Dental Association, only 36% of kids who engage in contact sports wear mouthguard during games—and only 19% wear one during training!

Remember, injuries to the face and teeth can happen at any time while playing contact sports—regardless if it just training, a friendly or an actual match.

Prevention is always, always better than cure. Wearing a mouthguard during games as well as during training could spare your child from painful and costly dental emergencies.

And if you coach a sports team, please start spreading the word amongst athletes and their families about how important it is to wear a mouthguard whenever there is risk of injury.

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