Diamonds In Dentistry: Nanodiamonds For Bone Repair

Diamonds For Bone Growth And Stabilising Dental Implants

Have you heard of nanodiamonds? These extremely tiny gems have been found to be useful in promoting bone regeneration and strengthening of dental implants.

According to researchers of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Dentistry, they may have found a way to use nanodiamonds to “improve bone growth and combat osteonecrosis, a potentially debilitating disease in which bone breaks down due to reduced blood flow”. They might also be used to combat bone loss around dental implants and prosthetic joints.

Nanodiamonds function by delivering proteins that promote bone growth to the damaged area. It is thought that they may even be used to treat the bone loss that is sometimes caused by chemotherapy for many different types of cancer.

Read more about this interesting article in this UCLA newsroom: