The Dentist's Checklist For Going Back-To-School

The Dentist’s Checklist For Going Back-To-School

It’s a busy time in Canberra— many families have already started the school year, something that often takes a lot of preparation and forethought! You’ve probably bought the uniforms, the school supplies and shoes, and your child may be sporting their smart new hairstyle, school bag and watch.

We’ve got a few more things that you might want to add to the final round of your back-to-school preparations: all with a focus on making this year a good one for your child’s oral health…

Back to school dental checklist corinna dental group

  • Check their toothbrush- these should be changed at least every three months, so the start of the school term is a good time to remember to do this. Remember that the toothbrush should be an appropriate size for your child’s mouth, with soft flexible bristles.
  • Before you head out to buy new toothbrushes, check the supplies of floss and toothpaste, just in case these need to be restocked. School terms are busy, so it’s good to have this sorted well in advance.
  • Stock up on healthy lunchbox options- read this article {Back to school, published 2-2-15} for more information and inspiration
  • Invest in a good quality drink bottle- one that seals properly, that won’t warp in hot water and is easy to clean. And remember the best drink for school is water!
  • Will your child be playing sport during or after school? Then it’s time to make sure they have a well-fitting mouthguard! If they don’t, then book an appointment as soon as possible to get one custom made for best protection. Tempted by an over-the-counter alternative? Here’s why you should rethink.
  • When’s your child’s next dental appointment? Most children should be seen at least annually, and some kids should be attending on a six-monthly basis. If you need to book in, let us know what day suits your child’s after school schedule best- we can definitely offer after-school time slots at any one of our three locations!

We hope everyone has a terrific start to the new school year!