Dental Health Week 2014: Brushing Baby’s Or Toddler’s Teeth

Dental Health Week 2014: Brushing Baby’s Or Toddler’s Teeth

In the recent Colgate Cavity report, around 60% of Aussie parents lamented that it is difficult to get their kids to brush their teeth twice a day. Tooth brushing is a habit that is best taught as early in a child’s life as possible. A parent’s role is two-fold: teach the skills and set a good example- one can hardly expect kids to focus on oral health if their parent has a haphazard approach to good oral care.

Even before the first tooth erupts, cleaning your baby’s mouth with a wet cloth is a good start to introduce the habit of mouth cleaning.

As soon as the first tooth erupts, brushing your baby’s teeth twice a day is a routine that benefits your child in the long run.

It may sound easy and simple to do but some parents struggle to brush their baby’s teeth—and this can become even more difficult when the child becomes a toddler (the terrible twos!!). But remember, it’s worth the fuss and the occasional drama. After all, you are teaching your child his/her foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Below are some tips the Australian Dental Association recommends to make brushing a fun activity for young ones:

  • Use fun products—cartoon character toothbrushes, musical toothbrushes, funny toothbrush holders. Let your child choose their favourites
  • Sing or play a song during brushing. Sesame Street has plenty of fun videos your child can watch:
  • Lead by example. Remember that parents are a child’s first teachers.

For more fantastic resources, visit the ADA’a Dental Health Week website here: