Welcome To Dental Health Week 2013

Dental Health Week 2013

Welcome to Dental Health Week. This year the theme is “Young Adults Aged 18-30 Years”. The aim of this promotion is to make young people aware of the issues that are likely to cause damage to their teeth, in the hope that this knowledge will ensure that teeth last well beyond their 30th birthday.

Some of the issues facing young adults is the fact that many feel “bullet proof”, and are unaware that many activities associated with the “time of their lives” carry very real risks to their dental health. Most are aware of the possible health issues related to drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking beverages that have a high sugar or acid content, unprotected oral sex, and drug use. The Australian Dental Association want to make sure that young adults are aware that these activities can also damage teeth, the gums or the mouth, as do oral piercings, dietary choices and using the teeth as tools. It offers advice about how young adults can reduce these risks whilst still having fun.

The Young Person’s Oral Survival Guide has been released today and is available on the Dental Health Week website.