Dental First Aid for Children

Dental First Aid For Children

Kids are prone to dental emergencies—be it toothache, broken braces, a knocked out tooth, or a bitten tongue. In order to minimise the trauma that may be brought about by these situations, parents should equip themselves with the necessary knowledge so they can administer dental first aid to their children.

What You Need To Do If A Tooth Is Knocked Out

We’ve put together some information about dental trauma which you can visit here.

Resources For Sports Coaches

We’ve also created a visual resource for Coaches or Team Managers: you can download them from this page.

Resources From The Australian Dental Association

The Australian Dental Association’s website has a number of guidelines for parents to follow when dental emergencies arise. From toothache to broken braces to a knocked out tooth and bitten tongue or cheeks, the ADA provides tips that will help parents provide temporary but critical relief to children suffering from dental emergencies.

Last updated December 2018