Using YouTube To Study Dental Fear And Anxiety

Dental Fear, Dental Anxiety and YouTube

Dental fear and anxiety is common amongst children (reported to be somewhere between 5% and 20%) and there have been many studies about this condition.

A recent study that we came across is this one, in which the researchers used YouTube videos of children, adolescents and their parents talking about their concerns about dental visits and their past experiences.

The researchers were looking for information about several aspects of Dental Fear and Anxiety (DFA): how the fear manifested both during treatment and generally, and how the DFA originated.

In their videos, young people and adolescents reported that they would express their fears during treatment by crying, screaming or being uncooperative. Their fears often caused worry, upset, panic, a feeling of helplessness or insecurity, resentment and hatred. The cause of dental fears were reported to be quite diverse, and ranged from unpleasant experiences (including pain, injections, poor chair-side manner of dental staff, fear of choking), influence of parents and peers (who themselves were generally fearful), or irregularity of visits.

The research was interesting because

“This qualitative study suggests that DFA in children and adolescents has multifaceted manifestations, impacts, and origins. Some of the themes only become apparent when using Internet social media. The novel and previously neglected themes emerged in this study can be attributed to the free sharing platform provided by YouTube, the candid in-depth testimonials in the videos, and the utilization of qualitative analysis, which allows the interpretation of the deep meanings of the informants.”

The study highlighted the impact that DFA could have in all aspects of a young person’s life, and concluded that,

“Successful DFA management not only paves the road to satisfactory clinical outcome and better oral health, but also builds confidence in pediatric patients and may help them regulate their emotions while facing other challenges in life.”

It’s a philosophy that we share here at Corinna Dental group.

Read more about this fascinating study in this link: