12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 10 - Foods That Strain The Teeth

12 Dental Hazards Of Christmas: Hazard 10— Chocolates, Wines, Coffee, Tea

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Jams, chocolates, teas, soft drinks—these are commonly eaten foods during the holiday season. Unfortunately, overconsumption of these dark-coloured foods and drinks can cause stains to appear on teeth. Smoking tobacco products can also cause stains to appear on the teeth.

If you do consume a lot of these dark-coloured foods, then brushing your teeth is your first defence against staining. Regular cleaning by a dental hygienist also helps to remove surface stains.

If staining is located deeper in the tooth enamel, you may want to explore having your teeth whitened. Talk to your dentist if this is something that interests you, and read our page about teeth whitening to learn more.