Corinna's Canberra: Turner 2612

Corinna’s Canberra: Turner 2612

From last time’s Corinna’s Canberra featuring City, we move north to its neighbour, the leafy suburb of Turner.

Turner made news about a year ago when a Lego statue was stolen (and later on found) from one of Turner’s iconic houses– the one owned by a Lego fanatic.

Let’s get to know more about this suburb– its history, the people living in the area, and its amenities in this quick suburb in spotlight feature.

What’s In A Name

Turner is named after George Turner, a legislator, federalist and one of the founders of the Constitution (source: ACT Place Names). The suburb was gazetted on 20th September 1928 but it was not until the ’40s when Turner was first settled.

Street Names In The Suburb

Streets in Turner were named after pioneers, legislators, and writers:

  • Joshua John Moore, a pioneer whose stockmen made the first settlement in Canberra in 1823 at Acton, was remembered with Moore Street;
  • Boldrewood Street is named after Thomas Alexander Browne, an author who wrote under the pseudonym `Rolf Boldrewood’. He wrote novels such as `The Squatter’s Dream’ in 1870, and his most famous novel `Robbery Under Arms’ in 1888;
  • Condamine Street is named after pioneer educationalist Thomas De La Condamine
  • Wedge Crescent honours pioneer surveyor of Tasmania and Victoria: John Helder Wedge

Who Lives There


According to the 2011 Census data, there are 3,595 people living in Turner, with a median age of 30. Half of the people aged 15 years and above were single and around 29 % were married. Families are mostly composed of couple without children (68%) and couples with children (28%).

Top industry of employment in Turner is Central Government (28%) followed by Tertiary Education and Defence.

Features Of Turner

Turner is situated halfway between two significant and well-known Canberra landmarks: Black Mountain to the west and Mount Ainslie to the east. There’s an excellent view of these two landmarks from a number of vantage points within the suburb of Turner.

Turner is also close to the campus of the Australian National University (ANU) and the art and cultural precinct of Civic West. Unlike most suburbs in Canberra, Turner does not have its own shopping centre by name, instead relying on the nearby O’Connor shops and to some extent City.

Turner houses one of Canberra’s oldest schools, Turner Primary School, which opened in the 1950s.

Haig Park is the major public open space in Turner and is designated a ‘District Park’, with Northbourne Oval having restricted access for recreation. The Bowling Club, the Tennis Club, Havelock House and a number of religious institutions also provide quality community resources within the suburb.

Turner’s garden city character, particularly its mature, predominantly exotic treed landscape, larger gardens and wide verges, is very popular. Around 99% of the Householder Survey respondents liked the neighbourhood’s streetscapes while 100% expressed satisfaction with the parks and gardens. (Source:Turner Neighbourhood Plan)

Corinna Dental’s Deakin practice is around 14 minutes away from Turner (via Commonwealth Ave).