New Toothbrush That Releases Flavours and Sensations?

Chemical-Releasing Toothbrush?

In a patent application recently released to the public, it appears that Colgate may be planning to develop toothbrushes that have flavour-releasing or sensory-stimulating chemicals embedded at the back of the toothbrush head.

The patent abstract reads:

“The present invention pertains to an oral care implement, such as a toothbrush, including a sensory material that invokes a selective sensory response when in contact with the tissues and surfaces of a mouth of a user.”  You can check out the document here

The sensory-stimulating chemicals that have been mentioned in the patent will provide either a hot, tingling sensation or a cooling effect while brushing. For example, capsaicin, a substance found in chili peppers, could provide the user with a burning sensation- perhaps not something everyone would enjoy. For a cool, fresh sensation a toothbrush containing menthol might be your preference.

Other chemicals mentioned were flavourings such as vanilla, cooling chemicals like menthol, potentially-calming chamomile or even caffeine.

One wonders whether they will also be developing toothpastes to complement the flavours and sensations!