Check Your Heart Health IQ

Check Your Heart Health IQ

Heart health


Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about heart health. How much do you know about heart disease and ways to prevent it?

We stumbled upon this Heart Health IQ by Heart Research Australia—a quick quiz to assess your knowledge about your heart. The answers may surprise you!

Some heart health items this quiz reveal include:

  • ‘No cholesterol’ is just a marketing label. Foods that couldn’t possibly have cholesterol are sometimes marked ‘fat free’ to suggest they’re a healthy choice. They’re not.
  • A food may be labeled ‘no cholesterol’ and still be loaded with one of the worst fats there is—trans fat.

Take the quiz here and be sure to click on the “Learn More” portion for the items you answered wrong.

Update: This quiz is no longer available on the Heart Research Australia website. Instead, take a moment to read this comprehensive article about Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors.