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Healthy Christmas Goodies and Gifts

When you think of Christmas, what sorts of things come to mind? Family and friends? Church and community? Gifts large and small? Decorations and trees? Christmas music? Credit card bills? For many Canberrans, a big part of Christmas every year is the special foods we prepare and share.

World Hepatitis Day 2015

What Is Hepatitis? Hepatitis is a viral infection which is made distinctive by inflammation of the liver. Within this broad category are 5 specific types of hepatitis viruses:

Boxing Day 2014

Boxing Day was traditionally the day when servants and tradespeople would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their bosses or employers, as thanks for good service throughout the year. Its origins may be related to the Alms Box that many churches used to collect donations for the poor, as it is thought that …Read More

Why Do Dentists… Make Me Wear Glasses?

Most people will have had the experience of the chair side assistant or dentist handing them a pair of glasses and asking them to put them on while the chair reclines or just prior to treatment starting. More often than not, the glasses are tinted, so it would be reasonable to assume that they have …Read More

Laser To Repair Teeth

A group of researchers in the US is said to have found a way to make a decayed tooth partially repair itself. The procedure: using a laser beam. Decay generally starts on the tooth enamel, the strong outer coating of the tooth. Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, so it takes some …Read More

Why Dentists Use Magnification

JulEye is National Eye Health Awareness Month. Ever wondered why your dentist wears those “unusual” glasses as they examine your mouth? Wearing magnifying lenses doesn’t mean your dentist has poor eyesight. Even dentists who have “normal” vision can benefit from wearing oculars all sorts of magnification devices.

Tax Tips: Claim Back Your Dental Expenses

Now that this year’s tax time is getting close, it’s a good opportunity to think about your financial activities to date. For most people, this will involve arranging their personal tax refund, but did you know you could claim back some of your dental expenses as well? However this scheme is currently being phased out …Read More

I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth

On the occasion of poet Pam Ayres’ birthday, we thought we’d share this beauty: Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth. Here’s an excerpt that is particularly delightful:

Can We Learn Enough (And Act) From Brochures?

It seems that while many people like to pick up a glossy brochure to learn about ways to improve our health, sometimes a brochure is not enough… This research (that we found on the website of the Irish Dentists Association) shows that sometimes it’s better to receive coaching from health professionals than to try to …Read More

Tooth Decay: Not Just A Modern Problem

The modern diet is often blamed for the rising number of cases of tooth decay: we’ve mentioned previously the horrifying statistics that show up to 50% of Australian kids having at least one decayed tooth. In Canberra, like many Australian cities, our kids often have access to a lot of sugary and acidic foods. So …Read More