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How Smoking Can Alter Taste (And The Many Other Ill Effects of Smoking)

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day—a perfect opportunity to raise awareness on the many evils caused by smoking. The adverse effects of tobacco on oral health are well documented. These effects include both common and rare conditions and diseases, some completely harmless while others can be life-threatening. The use of tobacco can cause or …Read More

World Cancer Day: Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

World Cancer Day occurs every year on February 4. A variety of cancer that the dental team is very aware of is Oral Cancer. This is something our dentists routinely screen all of our patients for during a checkup appointment. As the World Cancer Day website tells us, “Finding cancer early almost always makes it …Read More

UK Teens Consume Nearly A Bathtub Full of Sugary Drinks Each Year

The problem of young people drinking far too many sugary drinks spans the globe. In a recent report that examines the UK’s diet and nutrition habits, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) discovered that young people aged 11-18 were drinking an average of 234 cans of sugar-sweetened soft drinks every year. The annual consumption is nearly enough …Read More

Why We Support The Australian Dental Health Plan

Some you may have heard in the news that the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has published a new paper outlining recommendations on how the government can improve the dental health of Australians. With the 2016-2017 Federal Budget upcoming it’s the perfect opportunity to tackle gaps in oral health care provision. Why The New Recommendations? The …Read More

Is Chocolate Milk Really The Best Way To Protect Athletes From Concussion Injuries?

In the United States, a beverage known as Fifth Quarter Fresh chocolate milk is enjoying a surge in popularity due to some clever marketing that promotes it as a health drink for college footballers. This follows a press release in December 2015 announcing the results of a preliminary University study which showed that Fifth Quarter …Read More

After-School Snacks Ideas: Are They Really Healthy?

Most kids are famished when they come home from school, so it’s important to have something ready for them to enjoy after a big day of learning and exercise. We believe that highly sweetened and nutrient-poor snacks and drinks are not the best choices for hungry kids. Overconsumption of these can lead to poor oral …Read More

30 Corinna Dental-Approved Tooth-Friendly After-School Snacks

It can be really difficult to know what to give hungry kids to eat after school. We know that they need something nourishing, and something that will keep them going until dinner time. But we’ve got another criterion that we think is really important, and it’s probably something that’s frequently overlooked by many of us. …Read More

Healthy Canberra: February 2016 Events

It’s nearly the end of the first month of 2016! Like we always do at the end of the month, we’re rounding up some health-related observances happening here in Canberra next month, and we encourage you to take part and to spread the word in whichever way you can.

The Anti-Sugar Movement: Based On Fact or Fiction?

There is a strong anti-sugar movement that has taken Australia by storm. Started perhaps by David Gillespie’s book, Sweet Poison, the movement has gained traction and seems to be becoming more mainstream. If you don’t currently follow the low-sugar lifestyle yourself, you almost certainly know someone who does.

World Hepatitis Day 2015

What Is Hepatitis? Hepatitis is a viral infection which is made distinctive by inflammation of the liver. Within this broad category are 5 specific types of hepatitis viruses: