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About Gingivitis, Periodontitis and Gum Disease

In days gone by, it was the norm for people to have full dentures at quite a young age. We expected to reach the end of our days without our teeth. Perfectly good teeth were often removed to place full dentures. This is no longer the case: these days dentists expect that most people will …Read More

The Worldwide Epidemic Of Untreated Dental Diseases

This research is horrifying. A piece of research, “The Global Burden Of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors Study” was published in May 2013 in the Journal of Dental Research. The report showed that severe forms of dental and oral disease, such as severe tooth decay and gum disease (periodontitis), affect 3.9 billion people worldwide. This …Read More

Blackberry Extracts Against Gum Problems

Cheese, celery, pears, green tea, carrots. What do these foods have in common? These, along with some others, are in the growing list of foods that are good for one’s oral health. And a recent study shows another fruit has antibacterial effects that can fight gum disease: blackberries. Blackberries have been known to have antioxidant …Read More

Gum Disease And Psoriasis

Reports have shown that poor oral health is associated with other conditions like dementia and heart disease. (Last month we shared a story linking chewing ability to dementia.)  This time, a group of researchers from Taiwan found out that having chronic gum disease is a potential risk factor in developing a skin disease called Psoriasis. …Read More

Gum Disease And Female Hormones

A recent review of women’s health issues shows the role of female hormones in having gum disease and how the latter can contribute to health issues like bone loss and preterm births. Charlene Krejci, associate clinical professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine reviewed 61 journal articles with 100 studies to …Read More

Be Aware Of Gum Disease

The bad news is, it is possible to have gum disease and have no warning signs. According to the American Dental Association, gum diseases are usually painless so it’s even possible to have serious gum disease and not know it. There are often warning signs that can alert you to problems with your gums. According …Read More

Half of US Adults Suffer From Gum Problems

In 2010, the American Academy of Periodontology estimated that three out of four Americans suffer from gum disease ( Years later, statistics did not improve as the Journal of Dental Research reports nearly half of US adults have periodontal disease. According to the report, 47.2 % or 64.7 million American adults aged 30 and above …Read More