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New Year, Healthy Teeth

It’s a brand new year! The end of the year often triggers us to think about what happened in the year just gone. This is often accompanied by a desire to make some changes in the new year. It’s no surprise that New Year’s Resolutions are frequently focused on improving various aspects of our health. …Read More

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes

The effectiveness of cleaning your teeth with a manual toothbrush compared to an electric toothbrush is commonly debated today. There’s an assumption that the modern day electric replacement is far superior to the good old-fashioned manual toothbrush.

Local Anaesthetic Techniques: How Your Dental Team Make The Injection As Small A Deal As Possible

We’ve spoken before about the fact that many people really don’t like having a local anaesthetic injection, although the numbness delivered is almost universally preferred to having to experience dentistry without an anaesthetic!

Nutrition: Why Your Dental Team Isn’t Just Concerned About Sugar

It’s National Nutrition Week. When it comes to a discussion of nutrition, you might think your dental team is mostly concerned about the reduction or elimination of sugars and acids from your diet: things that can have a direct impact on the teeth themselves.

What All Men Need to Know About Their Oral Health

During Men’s Health Week in June, we shared how Australian men seem to fall behind women when it comes to taking care of their oral health.

Reducing Cancer Risk in Men

According to 2010 statistics of Cancer Australia, more than half of newly discovered cancer cases occurred in men. The most commonly diagnosed cancers were prostate cancer, bowel cancer, and lung cancer.

Four-letter Word for Mouth Cancer Diagnosis

We’ve written in the past how early detection is the key to treating oral cancer. Here’s something we’ve stumbled upon from a letter to the editor of the British Dental Journal —a simple “RULE” for suspecting oral cancer: Red and/or white lesion Ulcer Lump Exceeding three weeks duration. Of course it is still important to …Read More

Fertility And Oral Health

As we observe Fertility Week it is good to be reminded of the several factors that contribute to the difficulty of couples to conceive. Often the culprits are age, smoking, weight, and alcohol. But a study in 2011 published in the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology cited poor oral health as another factor …Read More

Six Percent Of Germans Are Dental Phobic

Six per cent of your population, or 5 million people, may seem like a lot of dental phobes! However, these figures for Germany are lower than average for a European nation. The average number of people with a significant dental phobia in a European country is 10% of the population, with some countries reporting a …Read More

Oral Piercings: A Warning From The California Dental Association

Released in June 25, 2013 A warning from the California dental Association all about the risks associated with oral piercings Many people like body piercings: they are often used as a means of self-expression. However, the California Dental Association warns that oral piercings can be dangerous to your health. The challenges may start when the …Read More