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Post Natal Care and Dental Health

It’s important to maintain good oral health during pregnancy. It is just as important to look after your teeth once your newborn arrives. If you experienced gum problems due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, or if you didn’t manage to see your dentist whilst expecting, a dental checkup must be a priority (as well as …Read More

Australian Dental Health Week 2016

It’s Dental Health Week 2016! This important national health observance is coordinated by the Australian Dental Association and runs in the first full week of August each year. This year it runs from today, Monday August 1 to Sunday August 7. The aim of the week is to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining …Read More

Friday Smiles: Happy Mum’s Day!

As popular TV personality Oprah Winfrey puts it, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother”. Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing women!

Breastfeeding And Tooth Decay

Prolonged breastfeeding has long been blamed for contributing to tooth decay, but there is strong evidence which suggests otherwise. There are a variety of factors which cause Early Childhood Caries (ECC) but breastfeeding does not appear to be one of them.

How Your Baby’s Teeth Develop

Tooth development begins in the womb. By 6 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy identifiable tooth buds begin to form in the foetus, and by 8 weeks the tooth buds of all the baby teeth have been established. At around 20 weeks, the permanent teeth begin to form. When baby is born, there are 20 baby …Read More

Expectant Mums And Oral Health

Pregnancy is very important time to take extra good care of your oral health. This is because the hormonal changes that occur during this time can make teeth and gums more susceptible to disease. Mothers-to-be need to maintain a good oral health routine as well as continue with regular dental check-ups to ensure their teeth and gums remain healthy …Read More

Mothers’ Role In Caring For Their Children’s Oral Health

May is all about Mums here at Corinna Dental Group as we explore some topics related to mothers and oral health care—theirs and that of their children. From pregnancy to postnatal, a mother’s oral health is important not only because infection can be transferred from mums to infants but also because mothers are very often …Read More

Gain A Child, Lose A Tooth (And Other Dental Myths About Pregnancy)

As we approach Mother’s Day, we thought it appropriate to focus on mums and dental care, and where better to start off than by addressing some dental myths about pregnancy.

Mums of Newborns Urged To Join A Study On How To Prevent Early Childhood Caries

The Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) Dental Health Week last year focused on children and teenagers’ oral health ( for a very good reason: alarming statistics show that half of Aussie kids have experienced tooth decay—something that is completely preventable! In efforts to further the study on prevention of childhood caries, the University of Adelaide recently …Read More

Dental Facts and Fiction for Pregnant Mothers

There are a lot of myths around dentistry: one that you might have heard is that mothers lose a tooth with each pregnancy. The American Dental Association address this and other dental myths on their Pregnancy Fact or Fiction page. Just five quick questions- you might be surprised about some of the answers!