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Back To School: 10 Quick Tips For Tooth-Friendly School Lunches

Today all public schools in Canberra reopen their doors to their new students in primary and high school, and tomorrow classes for all returning students (primary and secondary) begin. By the end of this week all Canberra schools, public and independent, will be back in action. Hopefully your kids are rested and refreshed after the summer holidays …Read More

The Anti-Sugar Movement: Based On Fact or Fiction?

There is a strong anti-sugar movement that has taken Australia by storm. Started perhaps by David Gillespie’s book, Sweet Poison, the movement has gained traction and seems to be becoming more mainstream. If you don’t currently follow the low-sugar lifestyle yourself, you almost certainly know someone who does.

Sugar- Perhaps It’s Not So Sweet

Sugar – sucrose, maltose, corn syrup,honey – these are just some of the names it can be called! Specific health issues and how they relate to this substance is very much on the agenda at the moment in popular media in Australia as well as in other countries like America and the UK. However, opinions about the impact …Read More

Identifying Hidden Sugars: Isn’t There A Simpler Way?

Most Australians would be familiar with the Heart Foundation Tick system that provides consumers with a quick way of spotting which products are low fat foods. While there is some debate as to how helpful this information really is (because foods given the ‘tick’ often turn out to have a very high sugar content), it’s clear that …Read More

Sugar, Its Partner In Crime And The Importance Of Reading Labels

Sugar is in many ways Public Enemy Number One of your teeth and dental health. The sweetest and arguably easiest to consume form of carbohydrate, sugar seems to be everywhere!

Nutrition: Why Your Dental Team Isn’t Just Concerned About Sugar

It’s National Nutrition Week. When it comes to a discussion of nutrition, you might think your dental team is mostly concerned about the reduction or elimination of sugars and acids from your diet: things that can have a direct impact on the teeth themselves.

Experts Encourage Parents to Slash Kids’ Sugar Intake

The recent Dental Health Week focused on babies, toddlers, and young children’s oral health, and on identifying the sugar bandit that lurks in Australian households. Sugar consumption is the number one cause of tooth decay—tooth decay being the most common disease in the world. With added sugar finding its way into many foods, experts in …Read More

Managing Sugary Treats

If you’re a fan of sweet treats, chances are Tooth Decay United is winning in your mouth. Indulging in sugary foods increases your risk of developing tooth decay. And don’t even think that sugar-free drinks are any better: Low-Sugar Soft Drinks And Risk of Tooth Decay

Walking Off The Sugary Drinks

We’ve discovered a great page on the Rethink Sugary Drink website: one that tells you how far you would have to walk to burn off the kilojoules consumed in a sugary drink. What’s very cool is that it will plot out a walking route for you! For example, when we plugged in 2 Vitamin Waters …Read More

Dental Hazard No: 1: Sugary Christmas Treats

The most festive season of the year, unfortunately, might also be the worst time for your dental health. Amidst the merrymaking, excitement and possibly chaos of the season, your dental health can suffer. We’re not trying to be a Grinch but we’d like to remind you of the 12 Dental Hazards of Christmas…