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Reducing Cancer Risk in Men

According to 2010 statistics of Cancer Australia, more than half of newly discovered cancer cases occurred in men. The most commonly diagnosed cancers were prostate cancer, bowel cancer, and lung cancer.

Dental Health Week – Lifestyle Risks To Your Oral Health – Alcohol And Binge Drinking

Alcohol and binge drinking threaten oral health in several ways. Many alcoholic drinks contain sugars, which can cause dental plaque to grow, ultimately causing tooth decay. Many drinks are acidic, so erosion of tooth enamel is a risk. And there is a strong link between excessive alcohol use and cancers of the head and neck. …Read More

Dental Health Week – Lifestyle Risks To Your Oral Health – Tongue and Lip Piercings

Many Australians now have tongue and lip piercings: however, there are risks associated with the procedure and in the long-term wearing of jewellery through these piercings. Possible side effects include excessive bleeding, swelling of the tongue (which may be great enough to close the airways), nerve damage, infection and chipped or cracked teeth. As part …Read More

Dental Health Week – Lifestyle Risks To Your Oral Health – Drugs

Many different types of drugs, both prescription and illegal, can cause dental problems. As part of the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week promotion this year, they are making Australians aware of the risks associated with taking drugs, and provide advice as to how to manage the risk. For example, the ADA tells us that: …Read More

Dental Health Week – Lifestyle Risks To Your Oral Health – Oral Sex

“Both genital and oral sex can pass on the Human Papilloma Virus, which in can lead to oral cancer in both men and women.” That’s one of the messages shared as part of the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Health Week promotion this year. Oral cancer can be difficult to detect and may be quite advanced …Read More

Dental Health Week 2013

Welcome to Dental Health Week. This year the theme is “Young Adults Aged 18-30 Years”. The aim of this promotion is to make young people aware of the issues that are likely to cause damage to their teeth, in the hope that this knowledge will ensure that teeth last well beyond their 30th birthday. Some …Read More

Infection Control Procedures In Dental Practices

You may already be aware of the many procedures that dental staff take to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the dental office. Surfaces are wiped down between patients to decontaminate them, plastic barriers are used to prevent difficult-to-clean surfaces from being contaminated, the clinical team wear gloves and masks, and every instrument that …Read More

Good Teeth on Earth and Beyond!

Did you know that astronauts need not only perfect vision but also good teeth? According to the European Space Agency officials, astronauts need good teeth “because the acceleration forces and vibrations during a flight into space can be very strong”. These acceleration forces can be up to 4x the body weight of an astronaut: this …Read More

Corinna News For April 2013

There was a bit of a dental erosion theme during April in the stories we shared. We hope you enjoyed them! In case you missed any, here’s a list of links to every article posted in April. We hope you enjoyed the selection this month- …Read More

Teeth Grinding During Sleep

People are sometimes very surprised when their dentist tells that they are grinding their teeth during sleep. People often wonder how this can be so. After all, it’s not something that many people are aware that they do. In fact, grinding teeth during the night is a habit much more common than you might realise. …Read More