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Dental Health Week 2019

Dental Health Week is the most important event in Australia’s annual dental health calendar. The topic of Dental Health Week 2019 is “How’s Your Oral Health Tracking?”

[Dental Health Week 2016] Women And Oral Health – Puberty

During Dental Health Week 2016 the Australian Dental Association have chosen to focus on the issues that women of all ages may face with their dental and oral health. There are some great resources on the Dental Health Week website: We want to explore each of the four most important areas of focus. On …Read More

Australian Dental Health Week 2016

It’s Dental Health Week 2016! This important national health observance is coordinated by the Australian Dental Association and runs in the first full week of August each year. This year it runs from today, Monday August 1 to Sunday August 7. The aim of the week is to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining …Read More

Supplementing Vanity: What Are You Really Taking?

In this article about the final sporting sin, Vanity, the Australian Dental Association asks us to look more critically at the sports supplements that we take, instead of accepting that they are everything they claim to be. Many sports supplements haven’t been rigorously tested and may therefore not be doing everything they claim in terms …Read More

Is Dehydration Affecting You?

Many Australians don’t drink enough water, but those who are active may find that dehydration can really affect them. Dehydration can reduce your ability to perform at your best, and it can also contribute to irreversible damage to your teeth. Saliva is a very important protective factor for your teeth. Its presence dilutes acids and …Read More

Slothful Avoidance: When Was Your Last Checkup?

Continuing its theme of the Seven Sporting Sins, the Australian Dental Association tackles the sin of Slothful Avoidance and asks us to consider: “When Was Your Last Checkup” The statistics for Australia are really pretty grim: despite the fact that dental services are plentiful, many Australians still don’t visit the dentist regularly. This is just …Read More

Fuelling The Greed: Are You Persuaded By Marketing?

In this third article about the Seven Sporting Sins, the Australian Dental Association examine the influence of marketing on our consumption of foods and beverages that have the potential to damage our teeth. Companies spend millions to promote sports drinks, and often use well-known sporting celebrities in their ads. Unfortunately this advertising can be very …Read More

Sports Gluttony: How Many Acid Attacks Are You Having?

We don’t often associate gluttony with sports: however, in this second article  by the Australian Dental Association about the Seven Sporting Sins (click here), we discover that this type of gluttony refers to the consumption of sports drinks, snacks and supplements containing sugar and acids in quantities and frequencies that put the teeth at risk …Read More

A Lust For Taste: Are You Increasing Your Risk Of Decay?

It’s surprising to think that beverages that are promoted as being healthy— Sports Drinks— might be doing us harm, but this is exactly the message that the Australian Dental Association (ADA) would like to share with us during Dental Health Week 2015. In this first of seven articles about the Seven Sporting Sins (click here), …Read More