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Do You Know Dental First Aid?

The Australian Dental Association reports that “Each year, thousands of adults and children are treated for dental injuries that could have been prevented or minimised by simply wearing a mouthguard.” They recommend that a custom-fitted mouthguard be worn in any sport or activity where an impact to the face is a real possibility. It’s important …Read More

Dental Emergencies: What To Do If You Lose A Filling

Losing a filling from a tooth is not uncommon. Even though losing a filling may not be as urgent as some dental emergencies, it is still very important that you make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to rectify the issue.

Dental Emergencies: What To Do If You Break A Tooth

Teeth breakages can range from the tiniest chip to a catastrophic disintegration of an entire tooth. Regardless of the severity of the break, it is vital you see a dentist as soon as possible.

Dental Emergencies: What To Do If You Have A Swelling

Swellings around the mouth can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, swelling can occur because of blocked salivary glands, medication side-effects, poor nutrition (particularly vitamin C deficiency), gingivitis and gum disease, and some oral cancers. However, a swelling can also be an indication that a tooth has an abscess, especially if it is …Read More

Dental Emergencies: What to Do If You Have A Toothache

Unfortunately, many people will experience the discomfort of a toothache at some point in their lifetime. Sometimes the soreness can be caused because of a cavity in the tooth but there can also be other causes for tooth pain. Toothache can range from mild to severe, depending on the cause of the problem.