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Teeth Grinding During Sleep

People are sometimes very surprised when their dentist tells that they are grinding their teeth during sleep. People often wonder how this can be so. After all, it’s not something that many people are aware that they do. In fact, grinding teeth during the night is a habit much more common than you might realise. …Read More

What Can Cause Tooth Pain Under A Bridge?

Any tooth pain is of concern: what happens if the tooth pain is located under a bridge? What Is A Bridge? A dental bridge is a device which replaces a missing tooth. It usually has three distinct sections: a central tooth (called a pontic) which replaces the missing tooth, and a crown on either side …Read More

Is It Possible To Get Decay Under A Crown?

What Is A Crown? A dental crown is used to rebuild and protect a tooth which has been severely damaged or weakened. It is like a cap that fits snugly over the remaining tooth structure, and is generally made of a very strong dental material: a gold alloy, dental ceramic (porcelain) or a combination of …Read More

What is a Dental Crown?

There is a branch of dentistry called ‘restorative dentistry’, which is all about fixing teeth or restoring their form (shape) and function. One type of restorative dentistry that most people are familiar with is the dental filling. A filling is a restoration that is used to fill a void (hole or cavity) in the tooth …Read More