Biggest Morning Tea- Cancer Awareness

Cancer Council Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

On Thursday, Cancer Council Australia will hold its Biggest Morning Tea—an awareness campaign about cancer. The Cancer Council hopes that this year it will raise $13,000,000 for cancer research and patient support.

To host a morning tea, or simply to donate to the cause, visit the Cancer Councils Biggest Morning Tea website:

This is a great time to raise awareness about oral cancer, which according to the Australian Dental Association is one of the least understood cancers. At least three Australians are being diagnosed with oral cancer every day. Knowing and spotting the signs of oral cancer is the key to managing the disease. It is important to visit your dentist regularly since oral cancer screening is part of the regular checkup procedure carried out in our practice.

Learn more about oral cancer and prevention in this ADA 2011 campaign website:

Screenings for oral cancer are a standard part of the dental checkups performed by the team at Corinna Dental Group. If you have any questions or areas of concern, please ask your dentist.