Can We Learn Enough (And Act) From Brochures?

Can We Learn Enough (And Act) From Brochures?

It seems that while many people like to pick up a glossy brochure to learn about ways to improve our health, sometimes a brochure is not enough…

This research (that we found on the website of the Irish Dentists Association) shows that sometimes it’s better to receive coaching from health professionals than to try to read and implement the information found in printed material.

Researchers in Denmark split a group of 186 participants with Type II diabetes into two groups—one group was given motivational health coaching and the other was given help through printed information, including brochures.

Results showed that patients who belong to the group who received health coaching saw a significant reduction in their blood sugar levels. Cases of periodontitis (gum disease) were also reduced by 50% over the six-month period.

Diabetics are at a higher risk of suffering oral health problems—from dry mouth, fungal infections to more serious issues like periodontitis and tooth decay. This case study showed that coaching had a very positive impact on their general and dental health.

If you’re struggling with any aspect of your dental health, our dentists and hygienists would be happy to spend time addressing your concerns and helping you to make a positive difference to your health as well.

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