Thanksgiving 2015: Being Thankful

Being Thankful 2015

Thanksgiving isn’t an Australian celebration, but wouldn’t it be lovely to pause and think of the things that we are thankful for?

We asked the staff of Corinna Dental Group what they are most thankful for. Here are their answers:


  • Fran Hardwicke – Family
  • Fatima Chowdhury – I am so proud to live in such a wonderful country and have a supportive husband
  • Christie Hankin – Family and Friends
  • Michelle Bonney – Family
  • Dr Stephen Marshall – Thankful for the love of family and friends
  • Katharine Dritsas – My three healthy children
  • Marina Kinred – Thankful for an understanding and my two lovely children
  • Robyn Godfrey – Family
  • Tori Mallot – Being happy and healthy
  • Dr Jessica Leung – Family, friends, excellent husband, really good staff, my pet dog
  • Giovanni Bagala – Health and Wealth
  • Alicia Custodio – Family
  • Sarah Doherty – My Mum
  • Hayley Gully – My Family
  • Dr Chris Hardwicke – Health