Dental Resolution No. 2: Floss Every Day

Dental Resolution No. 2: Floss Every Day

Dental Resolution - Floss Every Day

Your dental team advises you to floss for a very good reason—the tight spaces between your teeth hold food particles and dental plaque (bacteria) that are out of reach of your toothbrush. The longer the bacteria and food remain undisturbed between your teeth, the more likely it is that you will develop cavities and gum disease between your teeth.

This New Year, commit to Dental Resolution No. 2 for better oral health, Floss Every Day.

The technique of flossing can be difficult to develop. Here’s a video from Colgate that demonstrates an effective flossing technique.

If there are tricky places to floss between your own teeth, you might need to learn some special techniques: ask your dentist or hygienist for some advice.

One of the reasons people don’t floss is because they simply forget- it’s not a well-established habit. A quick and easy way to remember to floss is to set a reminder or an alert, perhaps using your smartphone. Or you can remind yourself the old-fashioned way by sticking a note on the bathroom mirror.

Another way to remember to regularly floss is by using an app. We’ve mentioned these in the past  but there are a big range to choose from. Take a look in the App Store and see which one has most appeal to you. Tracking your progress helps you keep up the habit.

Since flossing can take considerable time, especially if you are just starting to get to the habit, set a convenient time of the day to floss. You don’t have to floss in the bathroom: some people place their floss next to their favourite armchair and floss while watching some evening TV. Think about where and when flossing will fit best into your evening routine.

Remember— we’re here to help you with establishing this daily habit. If you’re having any challenges with flossing, please ask us for help at your next checkup.