Sports Mouthguards - Prevention is better than cure!

Be On Your Guard—Use a Mouthguard!

Prevention is always better than cure.

Take for example wearing a mouthguard. According to the Australian Dental Association, statistics show that only 36% of Aussie kids who are into contact sports wear a mouthguard. And here’s an even gloomier statistic: only 19% wear one during training.

There are many reasons why wearing a mouthguard must be made a mandatory requirement for kids who play contact sports—the most important being it could spare your child from serious, painful and expensive injuries to the face and teeth.

In the ADA’s recent mouthguard awareness campaign, the following facts were offered as good reasons why wearing a mouthguard is important:

  1. It cushions teeth against impact;
  2. A mouthguard protects against jaw joint injuries;
  3. It protects against soft tissue injuries;
  4. Helps prevent neck and jaw injuries;
  5. May help reduce concussion

Read more about the benefits of wearing a mouthguard and tips on how to choose a proper mouthguard in this informative website by the ADA: