Australian Kids Talk teeth

Australian Kids Talk Teeth

How much do children know about their teeth? This video shows the responses of students from Oatley West Public School when asked the following questions:

  •  What is the tooth fairy? According to the students, she has pink wings and a headband, glows in the dark, and gives money in exchange for teeth (although there wasn’t really a consensus about what she does with the teeth- does she make them into wands, turn them into magic or money or use them in her garden?)
  • Where do teeth come from? Calcium, magic, made of bone, made by the gum
  • How do you brush your teeth? The students knew a LOT about this, including the actions required, the quantity of toothpaste, how frequently and when. We commend the students who brush morning and night, after sweets and junk food, after soccer practice and up to six times a day!
  • Why should we brush our teeth? So teeth don’t turn green or yellow, and that gums don’t turn purple!
  • What does a dentist do? They can put a special type of bubblegum in your mouth and give you gold teeth if you lose your natural ones.

It’s a gorgeous video with lots of great tips for kids about keeping their teeth healthy!

Post Updated: January 24, 2019