What Your Dentist Needs To Know About Your Allergies

What Your Dentist Needs To Know About Your Allergies

It’s Allergy Awareness Week—so let’s talk about allergy and why it is important to inform your dentist about your sensitivity to certain substances (allergens).

Allergy is a response of a body’s immune system to normally harmless substances. These substances, called allergens, are harmless for other people. However for individuals who are allergic to the substance, their immune system identifies it as harmful or a threat thereby producing a different response like sneezing, itchiness, red eyes, etc

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Allergy and Dental Visits

If you have an allergy, no matter what it is, please be sure to mention it to your dental team.

Whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll be exposed to allergens such as hay or grass during your appointment, and unlikely to come across a bee, strawberry or peanut, please ensure that your dentist has a complete list of anything you may be allergic to. This includes foods, medications, and things in the environment, including adhesives, metals, plastics and rubbers.

Please also be sure to mention whether you are currently taking any medications for your allergies.

Dentists need to know your complete medical history, so that they can ensure that they don’t use any medications or equipment that put you at risk.

How Dentists Work With People Who Have A Latex Allergy

Some people, including dentists, are allergic to latex.

Latex is manufactured from a milky fluid from a rubber tree. The most common medical item made of latex is the rubber glove.  Some of the allergic reactions to latex include sneezing, itching, skin redness to a more severe reaction like difficulty in breathing.

But allergy to latex is no reason to avoid a visit to the dentist. We stock latex-free gloves in our practices. Please let us know prior to the appointment about your allergy so that we can ensure that we can prepare the room to ensure you are not exposed to any latex dust.