Afraid Of The Dentist?

Afraid Of The Dentist?

A study conducted by the University of Sydney is examining the cause of dental phobia–and the age group in which it is most likely to happen.


Dental phobia, according to the study, is experienced by 40% of the western population and is most likely to be experienced by women in their forties. This may be because this age group is most likely to have higher levels of depression, general anxiety or to suffer from stress.

Identifying the reason for dental anxiety can help individuals to be equipped with coping mechanisms to manage their fear. One way to manage dental anxiety, the study explained, is to “take the focus away from our teeth and to review the whole person.”

The study’s coordinator, Dr Avanti Karve, says “”Dental anxiety is very real and complex and it should never be downplayed”: something we certainly believe here at Corinna Dental.

It’s an interesting study: