ACCC Warning About Amber Bead Teeth Remedies

ACCC Warning About Amber Bead Teething Remedies

In the most recent Australian Dental Association newsletter there was a warning about a teething aid that has become popular recently: Amber Bead Necklaces

These are a traditional baby teething remedy from Europe: it is thought that wearing Baltic Amber close to the skin will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Many of the websites and local vendors selling these products make it quite clear that Amber necklaces are made for wearing, not for chewing, and they do advise that parents use caution and supervise their child while using the necklace.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has quite rightly identified that the use of an amber bead necklace as a teething aid presents a choking hazard, and it urges parents to maintain constant supervision if ever their child is wearing an Amber Teething Necklace.

There was also some concerns raised about the toxicity of succinic acid, which is released when amber is chewed.

The article went on to suggest the following drug-free alternatives to reduce the discomfort of teething:

⁃ Gently rubbing your infant’s gums with a clean finger

⁃ Providing a clean teething ring or wet washcloth to chew (particularly effective when these are cool)

⁃ Offering non-sweetened rusks to chew on

There is a lot of great information about your young children’s teeth on the ADA’s new website: It’s well worth a visit!