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ACCC Takes Action On Unsafe Teeth Whiteners

Article Date: December 12, 2011

An interesting article just released by the ACCC…

Nine teeth whitening products have been recalled, and are listed in the article on the ACCC website.

The ACCC Commissioner, Ms Sarah Court, has been quoted in the article as follows:

The ACCC undertook a market survey of DIY teeth-whitening kits after receiving reports of injuries associated with these products.

“In addition to chemical burns to gums and the mouth, other reported injuries have included blistering or ulceration of the mouth and throat, tooth sensitivity, marbled or unnaturally coloured teeth, tissue tingling and headaches,” Ms Court said.

“Consumers should be extremely cautious before undertaking any DIY teeth whitening treatment and should not use kits that contain more than 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide and/or more than 18 per cent carbamide peroxide.”

“If the concentration of the bleaching agents is not clearly labelled, consumers are advised not to use the product.”

If you are using a DIY Teeth Whitening Product, please check the labels to ensure you are using a safe product.

Any Teeth Whitening products should always be kept out of reach of children, and should be used according to the instructions supplied.

Please ask us if you have any questions about the ACCC’s actions, or about Teeth Whitening in general.