What You Need to Know About Sleep Dentistry

What You Need to Know About Sleep Dentistry

Sleep or sedation dentistry is a technique qualified dentists use to minimise the anxiety or fear a person might otherwise experience during their dental treatment.

We put emphasis on ‘qualified’ as sedation dentistry is something that should only be performed by a suitably qualified dentist who is supported by a well-trained team. Formal, in-depth training is required to administer the drugs used to calm an anxious person.

This article, “Warning on Sleep Dentistry“, is a good reminder as to why only qualified dentists should perform sedation dentistry:

Here at Corinna we are able to offer sedation dentistry to patients who are nervous about their dental care. Dr Chris Hardwicke has completed the qualification mentioned in this article – a Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Sedation) (University of Sydney) as well as the following post-graduate courses focused on Pain Management and Dental Sleep Medicine.

  • Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management (University of Sydney)
  • Graduate Diploma in Dental Sleep Medicine (Universities of Western Australia/ Adelaide).

In keeping with the requirements of the Dental Board, we always have appropriately trained staff attending every sedation dentistry appointment, and have always done so, even prior to these regulations being enforced.

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