Tooth Wear: A Study By The British Dental Journal

A Recent Study On Tooth Wear

Tooth wear is the loss of tooth structure caused by many factors: acid in diet, grinding of teeth, regurgitation of stomach acids, and other lifestyle factors.

In a recent study by the British Dental Journal, results showed that out of 290 patients,  males  (56%) suffer from tooth wear  more than women. The results also showed that people seek treatment for tooth wear  mainly because they become unhappy with the appearance of their worn-down teeth. The second reason to seeking treatment is  sensitivity to cold and sweet foods and beverages.

Tooth wear is a dental concern for people of all ages, and can be challenging to treat. The dentists at Corinna Dental Group will always examine your teeth at your checkup for signs of wear and tear and like to intervene as early as possible to protect your teeth from damage.

You can read more about how we manage tooth wear here.